Thursday, May 6, 2010

Keeping Americans safe...from Canadian shoppers

Just another day in the life of those defending America against terrorists:

Three things should immediately jump out at you as you listen. First, those in the employment of the U.S. government are not required to give a reason for why they are detaining you. You are expected to comply with any and all orders given without question.

Second, this country must be under attack! Note that the border guard interrogating the Canadian citizen (at 6:00 into the recording) says that he personally sees at least three terrorists coming into the United States. Per day. From Canada.

Third, it is considered a criminal act to back away from a federal officer who is trying to manhandle you. Note what is said at the 8:52 mark: "As soon as you pulled away from my officers when they went to grab your arm, that's assault. ... You're going to jail." Makes sense to me.

You see, protecting us from Canadian shoppers is just one of the many dangerous duties performed by the brave men and women of our border patrol. I don't know about you, but I'll certainly sleep better tonight.

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