Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Denver poised to pay $40,000 police brutality lawsuit

DENVER, Col. (Justice News Flash) - A case of mistaken identity may cause the Denver City Council to settle a police brutality lawsuit for $40,000, after a man was beaten when he was mistaken for someone else who caused a disturbance at a LoDo nightclub. Eric Winfield was left with multiple injuries after police officers unnecessarily attacked him on the night of October 27, 2007, as reported by the Denver Post.

Winfield, 29, of Denver was at a downtown bar to watch the World Series game between Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox, when he decided to go to his friend's apartment and his sister's downtown apartment after the game. Later on, when Winfield was leaving the downtown area, he followed a friend through a crowd outside Le Rouge. As Winfield was walking through the crowd, a bouncer pointed at him and shouted to police officers "That's him; he's the one." As a result, three Denver police officers began to beat him.

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