Monday, July 19, 2010

TSA agent: A pedophile's dream job

Agents of the Transportation Security Administration, prancing around airports in their government-issued cop costumes, have one of the most useless jobs in the nation. Contrary to what the state and its willing accomplices in the media would have you believe, they aren't there to thwart would-be terrorists from smuggling weapons and explosives onto commercial flights, though there is always a slight chance that could actually happen. Their primary purpose is to intimidate airline passengers into submission.

Working as a TSA agent has always been the perfect alternative for those who couldn't qualify for military service or a job in what most would consider "law enforcement," but now it could be the perfect job for pedophiles. As a recent incident in Tampa illustrates, no one is safe from the probing eyes of the TSA.

A 12-year-old girl was returning home to Baltimore with a friend when she was pulled aside and subjected to a full-body image scan. In other words, she had nude pictures taken of her without her consent. Even in the U.K., where violations of civil liberties have reached Orwellian proportions, these types of scans are not conducted on children under 18 because they would violate child pornography laws.

The plan here in the U.S. is to have these porn machines in every airport. You may not mind that kind of invasion of privacy, but what would you say to having your child undressed and ogled by costumed perverts? Of course, you could opt out of the image scan and just have your kid physically groped instead.

But that's the price we pay for what passes for "freedom" in this country. Really, is there anything we Americans won't tolerate in order to feel safe?

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